15 Year Old Lamia Zuberi Reaches SAP Teen Innovators Finals

If you’re 15, you’d be mostly starting out with your high schooling. For 15-year-old Pakistani-American Lamia Zuberi, it meant that and trying her hand at entrepreneurship as part of a challenge.

40 Students. 40 Ideas. 3 Winners.

On November 4th, 2015, a competition was held in a Texas school for kids to come up with entrepreneurial ideas in under 3 hours. These kids had to give a 60-second pitch to convince business leaders that their idea was worth funding.

Some 40 students entered. Given the focus of the competition, they had to identify a fitness or health related issue at their school and come up with a solution for the same within 3 hours.

Lamia Zuberi was one of the few people who won the school district competition and secured a place to take her idea to The SAP’s Teen Innovator 2015 Finals. The competition was officiated by AdVenture Capital, a partnership between SAP and GENYOUth.

What was Lamia Zuberi’s Winning Idea?

Lamia noticed that her school cafeteria served only one kind of high-sugar smoothie. So she proposed an app that lets the cafeteria know what kind of smoothie would people prefer and with what ingredients. This way the cafeteria would prepare them in advance for lunchtime.

She drew and made a rough model of how her app would work. The judges were impressed and Ms. Zuberi won a place at The SAP’s Teen Innovator 2015 finals and also got a $1000 grant.

Help Lamia Zuberi Win The SAP’s Teen Innovator 2015 Finals

The SAP’s Teen Innovator is a program designed to help students design and implement school and community-based ideas. This can help recognize young teen entrepreneurs at an early age and help cultivate their abilities. Winners are selected from across 5 US cities, with the best going on to compete for the grand finals and come one step closer to launching their entrepreneurial idea.

Since Lamia’s work was also adjudged as a winner from one of these programs, she is now hoping to win the grand prize at the Teen Innovator Finals. All it takes is a vote for her ‘Select N Smoothies’ app.

You can vote for her app here. Voting ends at 4th December 2015.

We wish her best of luck and hope she wins this.

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