PIF and Mobilink Launches Pakistan’s First Innovation Pavilion and Makers’ Showcase

Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF), in collaboration with Mobilink Business, today launched Pakistan’s First Innovation Pavilion and Makers’ Showcase to provide a platform for Pakistani Innovators – both individuals and institutions/companies – who have created innovative things to demonstrate their innovations and creative talents.

The Mobilink Innovation Pavilion and Makers Showcase will be the first such opportunity for individual tinkerers, builders, makers as well as inventors and innovators to showcase their talents on a national scale. The Mobilink Innovation Pavilion and Makers Showcase will be an important feature at Pakistan Innovation Forum 2015 – a regular future in the country’s annual conference calendar and the only National Conference focused on Innovation.

Innovation and Makers Faires are a regular feature in the developed world and provide an opportunity for the creative and innovative ones an outlet to showcase their talents and find supporters and customers. These are also

PIF is requesting Tinkers-Builders-Makers-Innovators who may be interested in showcasing at a National Forum to send in their nominations by filling out the form. We are specially looking for ideas in the following categories:

  1. Mobile / Internet of Things
  2. Product / Industrial Design
  3. Gadgets & Tech for Everyday Problems
  4. Locally relevant Innovation (Jugaad)

Innovators can nominate themselves by Nov 30 at: www.pif.org.pk/mobilink-innovation-pavilion

PIF and Mobilink shall carry out preliminary due-diligence of the ideas in the three cities of ISB, KHI, and LHE on December 1, 2, and 3, 2015 respectively.

Speaking at the Launch of the Innovation Pavilion ™ Mr. Saad Amanullah Khan, Chairman of Pakistan Innovation Foundation said:

“All ‘Living Nations’ support their creative and innovative ones with eco-system and the capability to take their ideas forward.

In Pakistan, this eco-system is in its very infancy and we need showcases and faires like the one we’re planning to recognize the talent of our innovators and give them an opportunity to showcase and shine.”

The Mobilink Innovations Pavilion and Makers Showcase will provide a great opportunity to tinkerers and innovators to showcase their talents, network meet new contacts, find potential partners and clients (including Mobilink itself) and receive applause for their work.

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