MoIT to Initiate Rs. 3 Billion Worth of New Projects During Next Fiscal Year

The Special Communication Organization (SCO) will get a major share of funding under the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) 2016-17. The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoIT) has proposed four new projects of the organization against a demand of Rs 1146.8 million, documents revealed.

The Ministry has demanded Rs 1146.8 million for four new projects of SCO against an estimated cost of Rs 2766.9 million.

The Ministry has demanded Rs 1.333 billion against 9 new schemes for 2016-17 which include:

  • IT Capacity Building of Federal Government Employees (NITB)-Rs 20 million
  • Replication of e-Health Services at Federally Administrative hospitals (NITB)-Rs 20 million
  • Research Studies and Updations for ICT Industry- Rs 51 million
  • IT Industry Support Programs (PSEB)-Rs 37.264 million
  • Expansion of Broadband Internet Services in AJ&K Phase-II  (SCO)-Rs 44-4 million
  • Expansion of Broadband Internet Services in GB Phase-II  (SCO)-Rs 32.5 million
  • Replacement of GSM Network of AJ&K (Project no. III/2011-2012)-Rs 580 million
  • Provision of Seamless GSM Coverage along KKH for Proposed Gawadar-Kashighar Economic Corridor in Gilgit-Baltistan (Project I/2014-2015) GB (SCO)-Rs 489 million
  • Feasibility Study and Consultancy for development of Information Technology (IT) Park at Karachi-Rs 58.287 million.

The MoIT has proposed a total layout of Rs 2457.832 million under the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) for the fiscal year 2016-17 against Rs 922.804 million earmarked for the current financial year. Furthermore, the ministry has proposed two new projects for National Information Technology Board and one of Pakistan Software Export Board. However no new project for IT wing of MoITT and Telecom wing MoITT has been proposed in the upcoming PSDP.

The PSDP for fiscal year 2016-17 in respect of MoIT and its attached departments has been prepared and sent to the National Assembly Standing Committee on Information Technology for consideration and recommendations. It is a requirement to present the proposed PSDP projects before the standing committee for discussion, proposals and passed it by end March.

The proposed layout of PSDP for fiscal year 2016-17 is Rs 2457.832 million against 20 schemes relating to IT & Telecom sectors including 11 old/ongoing and nine new projects.

The government has earmarked Rs 922.804 million including Rs 722.804 million local component and Rs 150 million foreign component. However the data of Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms shows that Rs 1342.549 million has so far been released to IT and Telecom ministry including Rs 1144.5 million foreign aid and Rs 198 million local component.


The Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms does not show the foreign component however, according to the Economic Affaires Division China has released Rs 1144.5 million for construction of cross- border optical fiber cable (OFC) system between China and Pakistan for international connectivity of voice / data traffic under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The government however released no amount against the replication of e-office (basic common applications) at 45 divisions of federal government, research & development unit (Islamabad) and technology parks development project at Islamabad projects.

After getting the passage from standing committee, the proposed PSDP would be presented before the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms for final consideration.