Digital Disruption in HR Hits White Collar Workforce

TEC organized the 4th session of DIGITALK at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club, Lahore bringing forth the topic of Human Resource in Digital World to the audience.

Mr. Zain Majid, CEO TEC delivered the welcome address and thanked the sponsor Happilac Paint and Learning Partners, Carnelian and Premier Energy for their support. He also highlighted the tremendous support from the digital fraternity in Karachi for arranging DIGIMARK the annual flagship Digital Conference of TEC this year in July.

Mr. Iftikhar Hussain, VP Business and Strategy, TEC gave a briefing about Digitalk, its purpose and significance for industry, academia and all other stakeholders for building the digital community in Pakistan.


Muhammad Talha, Head of HR Digitalization at Mobilink started the talk with explaining the disruption that is about to hit the white collar workforce and the impact its going to have on the profession of HR. The highlight of his talk was providing an insight into how digital disruption is impacting organizations globally and how critical it has become for HR to transform into a result driven function, the journey of which starts from data that needs to be captured at all touch points. Most of the organizations are failing to capture this data and relying on subjective decision making and losing out on the immense benefits of discovery of results.

He gave an example of how machine learning can provide solutions by curation of data and ingestion. The effect on Human Resource would come in the shape of reduced size of HR functions as the power will shift to employees and solutions would shift to machines. Mr. Talha also shared his insights in perspective to the implementation of digitalization in HR at Mobilink, how they have been able to transform employee engagement, organizational collaboration and built reliance on people insights by banking on Big Data.

Monis Rehman, Chairman & CEO at Naseeb Networks, highlighted the lagging behind of Pakistan employers and their struggle to make their presence felt on the web, reducing their ability to reach potential talent by great amounts.


He stated that HR recruiting portals can be deployed easily as cost of technology is becoming cheaper and cheaper everyday, creating apps for this purpose is very easy and practical. Mr. Rehman mentioned the significance of data for, 40% of traffic comes from smartphones, and how data mining, curation and permutations help employers in hiring the best people.

Kamran Rizvi, Executive coach & Senior Consultant, Carnelian was the last speaker of the evening. Bringing his diversified experience, he stressed on the importance of innovation, stating that the human capacity to imagine will always be greater than the knowledge acquired which comprises of all data. Mr. Rizvi took the unconventional approach by showcasing his talent for disruption by involving the audience in an innovative ideas game in which the attendees were supposed to share their thoughts about Digitalization in HR. All the ideas shared by the attendees in regards to it were put forth as questions to Mr. Talha & Mr. Rehman which were answered in great kindred spirits by the honorable two speakers.

DigiTalk was attended by HR leaders, Heads of Digital, Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Startups. Delegates from Uber, Mobilink, Nestle, K-Electric, Happilac, Bata, ZIC, RubaDigital, Stylo, Nippon Paints etc., appreciated the initiative and considered it as one of the best gatherings of HR professionals with insightful takeaways.

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