Android to Remain Huawei’s Only OS for Smartphones

A few days back, we shared the news that Huawei might be prepping an additional home-baked OS as a safety measure in case things turn sour with Google. It turns out, that may eventually not happen, at least as long as things are calm enough with Google.

The Chinese conglomerate’s CEO Richard Yu took to the local social networking service, Weibo, this weekend to dispel any rumors of conflict between the two parties. He reiterated the importance of the alliance with Android, before making it clear that Android is the mode of choice for Huawei, as long as Google keeps it open.

That’s not the most convincing statement to ever take the stage, but it should be enough to confirm there won’t be any hasty steps taken. Similarly, it means Google shouldn’t worry too much about the stability of its partnership with Huawei, at least not for the near future.

Many had thought Huawei to be making its own operating system, called “Kirin OS”. The new OS could have been used on some of the lower-end devices of the company, though it is not looking at all likely now.

The company is still working on improving its skin with former Apple designer Abigail Brody, a step whose results we’ve yet to see.

However, as we have witnessed before, introducing an OS doesn’t necessarily mean success at least in this fast-paced smartphone world. Microsoft has been struggling ever since it introduced the successor to the Windows Mobile.

More recently Samsung outed its own entry with the Tizen OS, a move which arguably threatened Google more than anything. Still, it’s hard to make a case for either of the two whether they can be called a success.