WIth New Marketplace, Facebook Wants to Become Largest Shopping Portal in the World

Most of us have already used Facebook in the past for buying our stuff online. However, when it comes to peer-to-peer shopping it is not always in our options list.

Not for long though. The network is doubling down on its efforts to gain this market share, not a surprise since it represents a sizeable chunk of the Facebook population, of which reportedly 450 million people visit such groups each month.

In fact, Facebook is so hyped up about this feature that it will be replacing the Messenger icon on the Facebook app, which was already on its final breaths, with a new “shop” icon at the bottom. Not everyone will be seeing the changes immediately for reasons that will be clear soon.

Facebook won’t be taking a share from the earnings generated by the sale of the said items, and won’t be involved in the payment and delivery either, as is expected.

With this move, Facebook enters a market which for long has been dominated by players such as Craigslist in the US and Olx (and others) in Pakistan.

Marketplace makes it easy to find new things you’ll love, and find a new home for the things you’re ready part with. We’ll continue to build new options and features to make this the best experience for people.

The feature will be rolling out to users in the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand initially. It will also be rolled out gradually to further markets worldwide. The feature will be made available on both Android and iOS platforms over the coming days, as well as on desktop later on.

The move is yet another business-oriented one by Facebook, which recently also introduced bots to help businesses in dealing with customers. Let’s see if this is met by the same level of excitement.