AIESEC To Hold YouthSpeak Forum in Islamabad

AIESEC is a global youth organization that develops leadership capabilities through their internal leadership programs. It engages students and graduates in international student exchange and internship programs for profit and non-profit. It is the world’s largest student run organization including 100,000 members in 129 countries and territories.

One of AIESEC’s Flagship Programs throughout the world is the YouthSpeak Forum, which is an event that brings together both young and senior leaders to form a diverse cross-sector and multi-generational space for inspiring conversations around pressing global issues.

The forum aims to create an environment where people from diverse backgrounds can cross-pollinate ideas, share insights and gain new perspectives to create actionable outcomes to push the world forward.

AIESEC makes this happen by taking its delegates through the unique and interactive framework of Inspire, Engage and Act.

AIESEC in Islamabad is bringing you the YouthSpeak Forum at NUST, H-12 on 28th October with its theme this year, “Empower Youth, Empower All”


YouthSpeak Forum Islamabad gives you a combination of diverse speakers to address the youth to create an awareness primarily about the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) set by the United Nations and they’ve contributed to achieving these goals. In the end, we want to see a world where young people are empowered to speak up, show up and take action. The world desperately needs more effective leaders who don’t just talk, but walk the talk. Our mission is to provide the platform to empower an entire generation to create positive impact. We know the power of an individual to change this world and it requires you, me, and all of us to make this change.

The event would be hosted by actor, director and stand-up comedian, Faheem Azam who is known for educating and entertaining the audience at the same time through his performances.

Following is a glimpse of only some of the speakers that will be at the event:

  • Jibran Nasir: He has been very vocal about the social issues that Pakistan is facing and he has also started different social media campaigns for awareness which have spread like wildfire on the internet. Jibran Nasir will share his story and he will discuss about the issues the youth of nation is facing today.

His talk will focus on United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17; Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. He will talk about how to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

  • Moin Khan: He has traveled more than 40,000 KM for his love of adventure. He undertook an ambitious trip from San Francisco to Lahore covering 22 countries in six months. He is a biker, a traveler and an adventurer who is working on changing the image of Pakistan through his travels. He’ll discuss the story of his 40,000 KM journey.

Moin Khan will be focusing on Sustainable Development Goal 8; Reducing Inequalities.

  • Waleed Anwar: He wants to instill confidence in his audience to fight against all odds. He focuses on making a strong connection and a bond of trust with his audience, and aspires for them to become more remarkable.

He will question beliefs, values, and then dissect them one by one and show a different angle of these. Waleed, has entered the world of Consultancy and Training.

Waleed will be focusing on Sustainable Development Goal 9; Industry innovation and infrastructure

You can attend AIESEC’s YouthSpeak Islamabad at NUST this October.

YouthSpeak Islamabad is taking place in NUST H-12 on 28th October, 2016.

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