Fujifilm’s Instax SQ10 Camera is A Blast From The Past

Fujifilm has been launching its line of pocket-sized Instax instant printers since 2014 but the latest release might be its most-worthwhile yet.

The new printer + camera, or the SQ10 as Fujifilm calls it, combines both the analog and digital worlds and offers them in one cute and chubby offering.

Tech Specs

The SQ10 features a 1/4-inch f/2.4 CMOS sensor on the front with roughly 3.7-megapixel resolution and autofocus. There’s also a 3-inch LCD on the back with 460k-dot resolution.

Unlike other similar cameras, the SQ10 is capable of storing up to 50 JPEG format images internally, or more via a microSD. You can apply up to 10 different filters using the LCD and adjust the brightness and vignette control. Editing options include the choice to print multiple images on a single sheet.

The camera’s low-light performance is also said to be improved. There are dual-shutter buttons on the front for capturing, as well as an iPod Classic-style round scrolling wheel below the display for editing.

The printing is actually done from the top of the camera, followed by a cool animation on the display underneath. Don’t let the promotional shots fool you for this is still far from a tiny gadget.

Uses Polaroid Film

Then, there’s the new instant film format which Fujifilm is introducing. Measuring 85.6 x 72mm, it has a 1:1 aspect ratio imitating the original Polaroids. The films, which will actually output in 62 x 62mm, will be available in packs of ten costing $16.99, which will be another thing to consider before purchase.

As for the camera itself, that will cost $279.95, which is kind of insane if you see the quality of cameras which can be be had for that price nowadays.

Sure, the Instax is not the most practical product around, but that couldn’t be further from the elements of fun and creativity which this camera tries to hit.