Apple MacBook Gets Kaby Lake and Better Storage Options

Like the iMacs, the MacBook lineup has received its share of upgrades as well – with better processors and storage options.

In terms of design and looks, nothing has changed from last year’s Apple MacBook models.

12 and 13-inch Models

For starters, all the laptops are getting support for 7th-gen Intel Kaby Lake, which particularly benefits the 12-inch MacBook. This particular model also gets a faster SSD and the new butterfly switch keyboard, starting at $1299. It is also getting a 1.3 GHz Core M (boost up to 3.6 GHz) processor, while the memory options are twice as better.

This year’s 12-inch MacBook still has a waistline of 13.1 mm.

Next is the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which is getting a 3.5 GHz dual-core Core i7 processor (boost up to 4.0 GHz, Iris Plus graphics and up to 64MB eDRAM). The model will be available with or without the Touch Bar, while the display is a 500-nit Retina one. The models start at $1299 for the non-Touch Bar model, or $1799 with it.

Additionally there are two different storage options for the non-touch bar 13-inch MacBook. The 128 GB model starts at $1,299 while the 256 GB model will retain its original $1,499 price.

15-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

For the 15-inch Pro model, Apple is standardizing discreet graphics. Processor options include up to a 3.1 GHz Core i7, though there are more cores here than in the smaller version. As for the graphics, those will be handled by AMD’s solutions. This model, which comes with the Touch Bar as standard, will be available starting from $2399.

As for connectivity, USB-C is still the name of the game as far as wired connections are concerned. Lastly, Apple has updated the MacBook Air, which comes with a faster 1.8 GHz Intel Broadwell CPU.

The new MacBooks are already available for users to buy. After the bad start of the last MacBook 8 months back, Apple will hope things take a turn for the better this time around.