CBEC 2017: eWorldTrade Participates in the Biggest e-Commerce Conference

The Fourth Optics Valley Global Cross Border e-Commerce (CBEC) has been taking place since 2014. This year it was held successfully on the 8th and 9th of September with the joint support of Wuhan municipality and Department of Commerce of Hubei Province, organized by the CEO of CBEC, Yuhong Zheng During.

The theme was focused on business growth and connections directing the idea of “New Connection, New Business Form, and New Growth Driver”.

The forum addressed business models of cross border e-commerce, new trends along with innovative connective model of cross-border cooperation to ensure upgrading and transformation of cross-border e-commerce.

Chen Zhen, General Manager of Facebook China SMEs along with Bai Yong, General Manager of Google Great China Region of Channel Business Department also delivered speeches. Other senior leaders & higher executives of e-commerce platforms from several countries were pro-actively participating in the keynote speech and high-level talks.

Amongst the personalities, Mr. Noman from Pakistan was an active guest speaker representing eWorldTrade.com, a U.S. based e-commerce B2B enterprise with its operational unit based in Pakistan. He also took part in the high-level discussions promoting the e-commerce industry of Pakistan and evidently further strengthening Pak- China Ties.

CBEC one of the largest e-commerce conference and eWorldTrade being a major participant represented the Pakistan e-commerce B2B industry at a global level.

Noman expressed his views that,

 All countries are intensifying support to the new business forms of cross-border e-commerce. Cross-border e-commerce has become a “new growth point” of world trade and countries can enjoy several benefits through b2b e-commerce trading.

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