Microsoft Kills the Kinect for Good

Microsoft is shutting down the production of the Kinect permanently.

Kinect was introduced at E3 in 2009 under the codename ‘Project Natal’. It was officially launched as ‘Kinect’ at 2010’s E3.

It was a response to Nintendo’s Wii and PlayStation Move which became widely popular. However, Kinect did not require any handheld device while operating, unlike the Wii. Kinect instead tracked the entire body with the aid of multiple cameras and sensors which was more effective than those handheld devices which tracked motion.

Kinect went on to make a Guinness world record after becoming the fastest selling consumer device in history. However, over the years the demand fell down due to lack of specialised content.

The Xbox One sported an upgraded version of Kinect to ensure more content could be added in the future and to bring in more developers. However, this caused an increase in the overall price of the whole bundle and the Xbox One lost sales to Sony’s PS4.

This caused Microsoft to remove Kinect from the bundle and reduce the price of Xbox One to boost sales. Thus, this decision was a major blow to the future of Kinect.

Plus, yesterday’s decision ensured that Microsoft’s Kinect was now put to rest for good.