Obortunity Aims to Take Advantage of CPEC’s Business & Cultural Potential

We are witnessing a historic transformation in global politics, economics and demographics. The rise of Asia, with China’s “One Belt and One Road” initiative (OBOR) as the engine of growth and CPEC as its mantle of success, has made connectivity among different cultures the need of the hour. It’s not just the business or language, but the integration of lifestyles among the OBOR nations.

The US$ 2.5 Trillion “One Belt, One Road” represents a unique opportunity for Pakistan, and it needs access to top-tier resources that can help it bridge the gap between Sino-Pak culture and knowledge.

This is where Obortunity, a belt and road business lifestyle group, comes in. Started with a single chair in December 2016, the company capitalized on various opportunities emerging from the CPEC and has become a national company operating from three offices across Pakistan in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

A team of twenty, comprising of Pakistani and Chinese nationals, Obortunity is a youth based initiative headed by Mr. Hamza Orakzai, the founder and CEO, who is a graduate of LUMS and aims to enhance collaboration between Pakistan and China in terms of technology, innovation, education, culture, digital media and research.

The Vision: Beyond Boundaries, Opportunity Connects

With a vision to bridge people, opportunities and knowledge from across the borders, Obortunity hopes to erase barriers between Pakistanis and Chinese from all walks of life and develop a platform for localization of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

The company believes that in order to make CPEC a truly sustainable project in decades to come, it’s important that we enable a trickle down effect of opportunities to the youth and the masses in Pakistan. The company has already launched several awareness initiatives including a CPEC page on Facebook with 250,000 followers in a bid to educate Pakistani citizens of the developments and opportunities arising from the project.

Obortunity claims to be the only startup in Pakistan right now, which is focusing exclusively on the CPEC initiative. The company has so far facilitated more than 500 clients across different products under the purview of CPEC and is planning to expand internationally by end of this year.

Products and Services Offered by Obortunity

  • Education Technology: The Company aims to introduce high-quality, scalable and low-cost solutions for teaching Mandarin (Chinese) Language to the masses in a bid to bridge communications gap arising due to development of CPEC. Moreover, the company is also working on introducing contemporary Chinese studies across Pakistani universities; launch research fellowships on CPEC and partner with public and private entities to implement knowledge-based products under the purview of the Belt and Road.
  • Business Tourism: The Company has already launched its 2nd Gwadar Business Expedition dated 27th to 30th January 2018, exploring the breathtaking beauty of Pakistan with the most affordable luxurious transportation and accommodation. The tour will include the largest ever event in the history of Gwadar, “The Gwadar Expo 2018”, and sightseeing trips to Hingol Park, Jiwani beach, Iran-Pakistan border and Princess of Hope along with other attractions.Obortunity is also planning to launch another Business tourism project by the name of “China Business Safari” to facilitate Pakistani and Chinese companies in forming Joint Ventures to tap emerging opportunities.
  • Training, Workshops and Research: This helps people understand the benefits of the OBOR initiative and how they can position themselves to benefit from it. The module offers policy and commercial research as well as training and workshops. Obortunity has also won national and international research projects on CPEC from local and foreign government entities.
  • Belt and Road Blog: This blog covers media and research on the CPEC, and is a comprehensive tab of information required at any time. This can be used by anyone who wishes to learn the latest updates.

With Pakistan at the cusp of opportunity, startups like Obortunity are uniquely posed to erase boundaries and barriers by creating linkages for the Pakistani youth and professionals who want to become part of the CPEC wave.

In order to sign up for the 50-member Gwadar Expedition Delegation this January, you can register on the following link and open yourself to the port of opportunities.