Sync & Secure: Trending IoT Solutions for Your New Smart Home

Sync & Secure’s service portfolio has been carefully designed to bring home automation to Pakistani household. The company launched their automation services with the intent of delighting masses with the advents of Home Automation, Home Security and Surveillance.

S&S home automation solutions are exactly what they sound like; managing your home from virtually anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone.

There’s a dilemma when it comes to making technological changes to our house. For some odd reason, one always gets the impression that, in order to automate your house,you will have to go through some serious smashing and breaking in your home, which is downright terrifying.

Sync & Secure aware of this fear ensures that your dearly planned aesthetics and structure are not affected at all.Their plug and play sensors and easy-to-install gadgets don’t result in any wall damages whatsoever. When it comes to automating the lighting system, the S&S professionals simply change your button panels and Voilà, the lighting is turned intelligent.

S&S services include pretty much everything in the smart home spectrum, like;

  • Intelligent Lighting System
  • Room Environment Management
  • Programmable Appliances Control
  • Temperature Based Action
  • Automated Gates
  • Automated Curtains
  • Home Security & Surveillance
  • A Single Mobile App for your entire home
  • Scheduled Routines with Remote Accessibility, and a lot lot more

Sync & Secure is aware of the fact that homes are the dearest assets and bundled packages cannot evolve a living experience that masses would love to have. Therefore, S&S services are all customizable whereby the customer can plan, create and subscribe for an automation lifestyle they would dream of.

Their mobile application, S&S Hub, makes it possible to control and manage your home, regardless of where you access it from. They actually mean it when they say, “A home at your fingertips” and “A home that travels with you”.

The services are conducive for people who live independently wanting to keep a check on their house or working parents with young kids at home and people who have unattended old family members etc who like to stay close to their home even when they are physically far. These services become necessary for those who are physically challenged or sick experiencing trouble of moving around to manage trivial household tasks. And then, the S&S Panic Alarm enables them to notify dear ones for immediate help.

Sync & Secure services aren’t just a solution to smartly manage tasks or to save time, but these are an efficient means of energy conservation that can slash utility bills massively. The lights turn on instantly when you enter and turn off immediately after you leave. This ensures that unnecessary lights remain off when the room is empty. Beyond lighting, all your home appliances are triggered to function and use electricity only when it is absolutely necessary.

Sync & Secure adds a tinge of luxurious living experience by enabling you to set up certain moods in your home. With your favorite “Scene Switch”, you are able to preconfigure certain environments within your home such as Daytime, Night Lights, Movie Mode, Sleeping Time, Sunday Mornings, etc. This embarks upon S&S slogan “Your home does it, even if you don’t.”

How many times have you been worried of having forgotten to close the door while leaving for work? Sync & Secure has got you covered on all fronts, by informing you that the door is open, may it be a refrigerator’s door, the front door, or even your closet! By simply attaching a smart sensor and motion control, you can immediately get notified if something fishy is going on around in your absence.

The security features of water leakage detection, smoke detection, monitored movement, secured access, gas leakage detection etc. give you the peace of mind that Sync & Secure is there to take care when you’ve got your hands full.

sync and secure home security solutions

When it comes to safety and security, surveillance is something every individual considers. S&S offers state-of-the-art surveillance camera facilities with varieties based on preference.

sync and secure surveillance solutions

The company has an extensive range of surveillance systems to choose from. They provide NVR, with adjustable storage capacity, bullet and 360° cameras. Two recording modes are offered i.e. Continuous and Motion Based. Other features worth mentioning are live streaming, day & night vision, dual side communication and expansible storage. With strong customer support, their solutions are a must have for technophiles.

Sync & Secure seems to stay in the Pakistani market for the long run as an IoT company driven to invigorate the IT industry of Pakistan.