Apply for Innovation District 92’s Incubation Program Today

Driven by an agenda to spur innovation and assist startups, Innovation District 92 is inviting applications for its six-month incubation program in Lahore. Aspiring startups and entrepreneurs can apply for its incubation program until June 10th, 2018.

Innovation District 92 is a platform that envisions an ecosystem that will transform innovative ideas into high-impact businesses. Entrepreneurs pitch an array of ideas from all fields to Innovation District 92’s team of makers, investors, mentors and operators, who in-turn provide them with hands-on support in developing, branding and marketing their ideas.


NUST Global Acceleration Program Invites Startups for 3-Month Training in Silicon Valley

It is a highly selective program embedded with a series of workshops to nurture the growth, learning and network building of our selected entrepreneurs. Innovation District 82 will be providing a broad range of resources; a 24-7 workspace, a monthly stipend, networking with investors, international representation, media coverage and legal assistance to name a few. For stipends, a milestone-based system will be utilized.

 Innovation District 92

Incubation Program for Startups

 Innovation District 92


With over fifteen board members from around the world, a group of focused mentors active in the startup industry, along with media outlets that include Neo Media Network in combination with a radio channel, web channel and a newspaper; Innovative District 92 can help you make your mark in the industry.

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