Careem to Provide Discounted Healthcare Options to Captains

Careem, Pakistan’s leading ride-hailing app, announced its partnership with Chughtai Labs under “The Careem Healthcare Programme” for Captains on Monday. This healthcare program provides discounted medical services and aims at aiding the captains in battling with the lack of affordable healthcare.

Healthcare is a major issue in Pakistan with a large section of society having limited access to quality services. The available services are often expensive and consume a major chunk of disposable incomes. As per Careem’s national-level survey of captain expenditure, an average captain’s monthly spend on healthcare is between PKR 1000 and PKR 3000. Through this program, Careem aims to help captains get access to better healthcare at much lower rates. This will be achieved by integration and partnership with a number of healthcare organizations.

Under the project, Careem has recently signed its first partnership with Chughtai Labs, one of the leading pathology laboratories in Pakistan. Captains working with Careem will be able to get the lab’s “Blue Card” on discounted rates through which they can get discounts on lab tests, medical consultations, medicines and radiology.

Chughtai Labs has a tremendous geographical footprint in Pakistan, which includes 167 locations where the captains will be able to take advantage of the card. The card will be given to captains at a heavily discounted rate of PKR 400 with a 2 year validity. Additionally, up to nine family members of the captains can avail the discounts on the card.


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Careem is currently in talks with several other laboratories, hospitals and insurance providers for similar partnerships.

“Our captains are the backbone of our network. We wish to facilitate them not only by providing them earning opportunities but also by supporting them with their off-ride expenses. Thousands of patients lose their lives in Pakistan due to the unaffordability of quality healthcare services.

Through this programme, we wish to see our captain fraternity healthy and prosperous. Careem will continue to include more hospitals and healthcare providers in this project so that captains can avail discounts all over the country on different services,” said Junaid Iqbal, Managing Director, Careem Pakistan.

Launched in Pakistan in 2015, Careem now has a footprint of 15 cities across the country. Thousands of captains have registered themselves with the platform and are earning a livelihood for themselves and their families. Careem is also trying to assist its captains in improving their quality of life through affordable healthcare, education and other facilities. Recently, Careem also partnered with several schools across Karachi to provide discounted education to captains’ children. With these initiatives, Careem wishes to empower its captains and improve the overall standard of living.