NIC Islamabad Opens Applications for 4th Cohort of Startups

The National Incubation Center (NIC) in Islamabad will start accepting applications for its fourth cohort from June 22nd 2018.   Startups from across the country are encouraged to apply.

Applications for the fourth cohort will remain open until July 15th, 2018.

Startups from genres including; biotech, fintech, IoT, education and agriculture are encouraged to apply for the program. The program is also targeting women and senior executives to apply for the upcoming cohort.  

Startups applying to the NIC, undergo a mandatory 4-month curriculum exclusively designed for startups, for capacity building in product development, digital marketing, design thinking, investor pitches and much more.  

This twelve month program is focused on actionable training where startups are mentored by industry veterans and thought leaders from across industries. The state of the art facility fosters innovation, growth through one-to-one mentor sessions, tech talks, and allows startups to connect with some of the best industry experts. The National Incubation Program also provides startups with access to grants, VC network, digital platforms and solutions.

The program also encourages startups to participate and compete in local and international events. Some of the existing startups at the NIC made their mark and showcased their products at the 4FYN held in Barcelona every year.



NIC Karachi Opens Applications for Its Summer Program

Details of these can be found on our website.  

Top 5 startups at the NIC out of the selected Startups will be chosen for the Jazz xlr8 program. The Jazz xlr8 program at the NIC offer startups access to Jazz user base, a global network of mentors and its digital platforms.