Huawei’s Mate 20 to Feature Fastest Charging Technology Yet

With concerns over battery sizes with ever-thinning phones, the focus has understandably shifted towards faster-charging standards in recent times.
Huawei has been one of the main players of the field, and while several of its current phones come with support for it, it is saving the best for its upcoming Mate 20 smartphone.
The Mate 20’s charger, which has been certified in China for now, will likely come with 40W power delivery through its USB-C charger. The news was revealed in a Chinese listing, which showed an output of 10V at 4A at its fastest, which will set a new record if true.
For comparison, the current Mate 10 smartphone from the company supports a maximum output of 22.5W from its charger, meaning its successor could charge twice as fast as the current phone, which is enough reason in itself to anticipate that phone’s release.
For comparison, the current fastest-charging smartphone is the Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition, which can charge its 3400 mAh battery in just 35 minutes, however, if the listing is to be believed, the Mate 20 could just as well push the charging time below 30 minues, creating a new benchmark for faster-charging in the coming few months.
Huawei has previously highlighted its Honor Magic technology, which had a similar 8V/5A charging configuration, claiming to charge the phone in just 45 minutes. We didn’t hear much from the company afterwards, though, that was clearly a time when battery issues were in the news thanks to the Note 7.
The rumors seem much closer to fruition this time around.