India’s Next Mistake Will be the Beginning of the End

Indian elections are close and polls indicate that the Indian people aren’t happy with the Modi government. Suddenly, a crisis appears with Pakistan as the villain. War rhetoric increases, people are whipped into a frenzy and the government’s pathetic performance is seemingly overshadowed by the calls for people to unite to face what’s portrayed as an existential threat.

Surely, it’s too transparent to work? Not at all. Even “moderate” voices in India are now calling for war and this morning’s violation of airspace is their latest attempt to provoke Pakistan into open confrontation.

It’s quite clear that the Indian government is using propaganda to win the upcoming election and distract people from the fact that it hasn’t done enough to deserve re-election.

But at the same time, Pakistan can only have so much patience. Regardless of reasons, India has embarked on a dangerous path. A Pakistani response is likely and if it escalates, there will be no way to avoid war.

With two nuclear power nations, such a thing would be madness yet here we are.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the time and place for a response will be decided by Pakistan. Such a response indicates that Pakistan is confident in its defenses and pending continued foolishness, the country will respond and in full force.

However, considering the fact that war will mean the loss of tens of thousands (or even millions) of lives, entire cities, and destruction of land and property which could amount to billions, such a thing needs to be the last option.

We hope that India appreciates Pakistan’s mature response and rethinks the path it is taking and we can avoid war. Otherwise, Pakistan is ready to defend its land and its people through any and all means necessary.

  • I am from chak jhumra , faisalabad , punjab
    Jitni battle rifles puri randian army k pas hein na us say ziada ak-47 hamary faisalabad mein hein.

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