Huawei Sues US Govt for Banning Them Without a Trial

The US government claims that Huawei’s technology poses a security threat and may provide a backdoor to China, hence banning their products. The Chinese tech giant replied in an aggressive manner by suing the US government for banning Huawei without a proper trial and not letting Huawei defend itself and defaming it among its consumers.

The lawsuit was filed in Texas, where the company’s headquarters are located, under section 889 of NDAA.

Huawei’s deputy manager is of the opinion that this ban is unlawful as it is preventing the company play fairly among all the competitions in the market. Based on Huawei’s claims, their 5G technology is the most sophisticated on the market and the ban will not only affect Huawei’s consumer base but will also affect the social and economic growth of the US itself.

The Basis of the Lawsuit

Huawei has made the US Constitution the basis of its lawsuit, stating that the ban is against the constitution and the Congress has failed to provide any evidence that depicts the lack of security or the security threat that is supposedly posed by Huawei devices.

In simple words, Huawei is arguing that it’s not guilty unless proven, and the US government hasn’t provided credible evidence so far.

The Govt’s Point of View

Since Huawei is China’s biggest tech company, the US government has been suspicious for years that China can use Huawei’s equipment to spy over the US government.

Based on this assumption, all officials are forbidden from using Huawei made devices. The Trump government has asked its allies to completely restrict all Huawei products from 5G networks.

Huawei is adamant and is not changing its stance, for now.