HEC Will Collect 20% Revenue of Public Sector Universities Until 2022

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has decided to change its policy of transferring funds to public sector universities under newly devised rules and regulations by the government.

According to an official, HEC is determined to bind all public sector universities till 2022 for collecting 20 percent revenue of their revenue for itself to meet its needs.

HEC will formulate new policies for transfer of funds to all public sector universities, said an official.

To finalize the policy regarding fund transfers, the Vice Chancellors Committee has constituted a new committee, consisting of Vice-Chancellors and representatives from HEC, he informed.

The official said that the universities would be allocated funds for development projects in the light of recommendations given by the committee.

The new committee established under the directions of Vice Chancellor Committee would also present suggestions in this regard to HEC in one month, he added. The committee, he said, would be presided over by the Vice Chancellor Balochistan University of Science and Technology, Dr. Faruq Bazai.

According to APP, the sources further said that the aim behind changing the policy for transfer of funds to universities is to improve the research work as per the need of the society.

When contacted, Head of the Vice Chancellors Committee Dr. Masoom Yasinzai underlined the need of formulating new policies aimed at to empower the public sector universities in changing of circumstances globally.

Unluckily, higher educational institutions have become irrelevant to the societal need, he lamented.

He said that our research is unfit for resolution of societal issues, while the industry is also not taking help from higher educational institutions to resolve its issues.