IMF Team Arrives in Pakistan for a Two-Week Discussion on Bailout Package

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) delegation has arrived in Pakistan for a two-week visit to discuss the technical aspects of the prospective bailout package.

Finance Division Spokesperson Dr. Khaqan Najeeb has informed that dialogues on an economic framework with the IMF team are in the final phase. Moreover, the relevant departments and teams will be a part of the talks with the delegation.


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The spokesperson said that the IMF team will hold a session with State Bank and Privatization officials, whereas, the tax officials will also meet with the team.

The government will brief the delegation on the social sector and the Benazir Income Support Program, after which the global lender will inform the government about their conditions.

A bailout package worth $6 to $8 billion is expected. Prime Minister Imran Khan also met IMF chief Christine Lagarde recently during his visit to Beijing.