Xiaomi Launches Sonic Eyebrow Grooming Device

Xiaomi has been testing its luck in literally every department, with smartphones, treadmills, steam irons, shavers, smart locks, anti-pollution face masks, washing machines and what not. The best part is, all the products are of good quality and provide efficient functionality, so we can’t really complain.


The most recent product is from one of Xiaomi’s eco-chain companies SMATE. It is an eyebrow grooming and cleaning kit which looks pretty promising considering the new ‘bushy eyebrow trend’.

To look trendy, most of the people fill their eyebrows with brown or black color, this gives them a fuller look. However, removing the product from the eyebrows can get tough. This eyebrow grooming kit might be the answer to have cleaner eyebrows.

Design and Construction

Like other SMATE products, this one also follows a minimalistic theme. It comes in two colors, plain black, and plain white. Both colors have a glossy finish.

In terms of design, the eyebrow cleaner resembles a cylinder. The cleaner is also water resistant and can be washed under the tap. It has a built-in battery; the capacity is not known yet. For charging, it comes with a USB type-C port.

How it Works

The grooming kit combines the ion emitting, vibration type and precision bristles for maximum cleaning. It comes with three brush heads: velvet head, nylon bristle head, and silicon bristle head. The former two have a 0.75 mm diameter and the latter has 0.9 mm diameter.


The velvet head has 27000 bundles to generate microcurrents for deep cleaning. The other two have gentle bristles for cleaning the pores.

Price and Availability

The SMATE Sonic Eyebrow Cleansing kit will be sold at the end of April in Tmall and Jingdong. The black variant comes with velvet and nylon brush head and will be sold for 299 Yuan (~Rs. 6,300). The white variant will come with all three brush heads, there will be 3 replacements of the velvet brush head included as well. It will come at a price tag of 399 Yuan (~Rs. 8400). Both come with a high-grade gift box packaging.



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