Facebook to Take Action Against Misleading Health Promotions

Facebook Inc. has announced to tackle the misleading health-related claims with two updates. These updates aim at reducing posts which exaggerate or sensationalise health claims and those attempting to sell products through sensationalized health claims.

With the first update, the social media giant aims to discourage posts that are misleading and that exaggerate the health claims, like presenting a sensational claim about a miracle cure.

Whereas, the second update would reduce the posts that promote a product or service based on the said sensational claims, like promoting a pill that claims to lose weight in an exaggerated way.


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According to Facebook’s Product Manager, Travis Yeh, the company will handle this in a similar way to how they have previously reduced low-quality content like click-bait. The company will identify phrases that have been commonly used in the said posts to predict that certain posts may include sensational health claims or promote products with health-related claims.

After identifying them, the company will show these lower in News Feed. “We’ll continue working to minimize low-quality health content on Facebook,” stated the company’s product manager in a blog post.

He further clarified that the Pages will not face any significant changes in their distribution in the News Feed because of the said update. However, Pages should avoid posts about health that sensationalize facts or mislead posts that try to sell products using healthcare claims. Otherwise, their posts can be affected by the new update.

Via: Facebook