US Agrees to Review its Travel Advisory for Pakistan

On the request of the Pakistani government, the United States has agreed to review its travel advisory for the country.

According to local media reports, Prime Minister Imran Khan had requested this during his meeting with President Trump earlier this week. Trump assured him of reviewing the advisory.

The move will not only boost the tourism department but will also enhance the foreign investors’ confidence in Pakistan and will ultimately strengthen the country’s economy.

As per reports, the two countries will also hold a meeting of Pak-US Trade Investment Framework Agreement Council later this year.

Why is it Important?

For those unaware, the US State Department issues a travel advisory every year for its citizens. The advisory contains safety and security information for every country of the world to help its citizens assess the risks of travel.

Since 2017, when the relations between the two states deteriorated, Pakistan had been on the list of not-recommended countries for US citizens.