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US Court to Question Modi Over Kashmir Curfew & Indian Atrocities

Jeopardizing his visit to the United States, a local court has demanded a response from Narendra Modi within 21 days upon the annexation of Kashmir.

The court has sought a reply from the Indian Prime Minister over atrocities of his forces and gross human rights violations in the valley.

A district court in Houston, Texas, moved on a complaint filed by the Kashmir Khalistan Referendum Front. PM Modi is due to address a joint rally there with President Donald Trump on Sunday.

The front has maintained in its complaint that Modi’s government has illegally occupied Kashmir by annexing the disputed region. “It violates international laws.”

The petition has also nominated Indian Interior Minister Amit Shah and another functionary, Kanwal Jeet Singh as the co-accused of this illegal move.

The valley has been under complete clampdown for over 45 days now. More than 1.2 million Indian troops have enforced a total communication blackout, denying basic necessities to the people of the valley. Thousands of Kashmiris have been illegally detained, forcefully disappeared, brutally tortured and killed extrajudicially.

The complaint has quoted multiple international newspapers and magazines’ reports highlighting Indian brutalities and atrocities in the valley.

They have demanded the Indian government to pay $100 million in compensatory damages, and have requested the court to order relevant punitive measures.

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  • Dear Court Officer - Please send an empty return envelope with sufficient postage to Prime Minister Office, New Delhi to receive prompt response.

  • The writer of this article doesn't have the simple knowledge that the P.M of another nation has general immunity against a court of law of another country. Simply said, a court of law of a nation can't take any action against a foreign politician.
    Atleast spread a believable fake news

  • Best joke of the century. Please don't shut down Kapil Sharma show because my favourite fellow. I recommend you to join Kapil Sharma show atleast your GDP can improve.

  • Hindu are the most arrogant and ilitrate most uncivilised religion of the world Pakistan cunning enemy. What a stupid religion imposing 45 days curfew over unarmed human beings RSS is renowned terrorist organisation Modi was elected as PM only due to atrocities made by him on Muslims. Hindos Elected a person who was tea maker how he can run a country better to help Modi to open tea stall some where in Bombay

    • India is far better to US n Pakistan when it comes to Human rights .What US did in Iraq , Afghanistan ,Japan is totally inhuman. India is the one who is the first to raise voice against apartheid. US preaching India is like Devil preaching holy scriptures.

  • Kashmir was never 'annexed' by Modi or India. It became a part of India not by force but by legislative process. The recent issue is regarding the withdrawal of special status awarded to the state in said legislative process. The legality of this withdrawal is questionable and is being verified by the Supreme Court of India. Nevertheless this withdrawal of special status is also a legislative action taken by the Indian government on land which it controls(Indian Kashmir). There has been tight curfew, arrest/detainment of political leaders, denying media access etc but thousands of Kashmiris have NOT been killed after this legislative action. The high court of Jammu and Kashmir still functions and if any massacre or harrassment has occurred it will come to light very soon as restrictions are being lifted in steps... India is not a place where you can hide massacres and pogroms, not in today's day and age. Besides any such violation of human rights would weaken Indian claims on Kashmir, rake up the UN and would spell a political disaster for the ruling government. Pakistan also lays claims to Kashmir and is trying to use these events to defame India. But having acted as a haven for terrorists (including Osama bin Laden at the time of his death) India is more likely to convince the global community of its claims... The Prime Minister of India ( despite his various misgivings and my personal revulsion of his ideology) is not answerable to American courts just as the POTUS is not answerable to any Indian court.

  • Gandustan is very dangerous and extremist country.
    Hindus are forcing people to say jai sri rum and torching them as a slave.
    The government of gandustan have been killed into Punjab as operation blue star.
    They are killing innocent Kashmiris since 1947.
    They don't have capabilities to convince them since 70 years they just want to put Kashmiris as forcefully as a part of Gandustan.
    Gandustan is no more liberal Democratic country.
    Gandustan became the extremist hindu country.

  • Indians and specially Hindus are the most tolerant and civil people in the world. They came from all over the world, looking for India. And found America instead. Even Chinese Fa Hien wrote wonders about India and it's people. Later they all came and looted India and tried converting. Shameless people are now trying to teach us Human Rights. A donkey teaching a horse to run. We are people with simple living and high thinking. Spare us.

    • Yes, yes, of course, initially the tolerance is expressed in the caste system. Then the tolerance is expressed in the rape and molestation of any defenceless female of any age. There is tolerence of the cow vigilantes with their lynchings. Now there is the tolerance of supressing the unarmed population of Kashmir with millions of armed terrorists from india.
      Let us not forget the tolerance extended in Gujarat by the butcher modi. Also, we have not forgotton the tolerant butchery and rape executed in Punjab.
      After all the tolerance the indian expresses, he goes to any open space to defaecate. Because of all the energy invested in tolerance the poor indian is unable to construct a simple toilet!

  • In 1994 a similar , ill- motivated Khaliatani group did, in like manners, got a summons order from a US court, against ManMohan Singh, the then PM of India. Alleged was his recompensating Police personnel from Punjab that had had killed Khaliatani terrorists. Pakistanis are grasping for straws and given their incompetent , civil and military , administrations, i symapthise, though too much living in an echo chamber , oftentimes leads to delusions that are inhibitory to , social and economic amelioration.
    Firstly, US Courts have no way of handing over such summons . Approach, overly proximate , and the poor fella would either be taken down and roughed up by security and would earn his tryst with the judiciary, and US laws have some quirks that might be applied by their own government to make sure that , years of litigation and incarceration , ensue. Even an insignificant and paltry leader like Imran Khan couldn't be issued summons on his recent trip to America, despite a long standing court order issued against him by a federal court, on a paternity suit filed by an American woman who had proved, on the basis of DNA evidence that Imran was the father of her offspring. The Court convinced, ordered Imran to appear and accept responsibility before the bench. Now, this wasn't a summon issued against filing of a grievance. This was a final judgement with implications that even, the federal government couldn't ignore. So, Khan being the chicaner he is, declared to his country that he'd be staying in the embassy compound of Pak embassy in Washington and would avoid a luxury hotel, as has been the norm , to save money and the woefully blinkered Pak media eulogised him. Federal authorities and courts have no jurisdiction on alien property which an embassy is. He avoided the law, thusly.
    What to say of a people that believe that Imran Khan's speech , India would perforce reinstate articles 370 and 35a, call back its forces and all would be well again. Every so often, it's circumspect to just let fools be.

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