PHC Takes A Different Stance on Private School Fee Collection

Peshawar High Court has allowed private schools to collect summer vacation fees in an installment of 25 percent. A two-member bench headed by Justice Waqar Ahmad Seth heard the case on Wednesday.

The court granted permission to receive tuition fees but declared the charging of transportation fees for summer vacations as illegal. It also ordered authorities to make school transport safer and secure for students.


PHC Bars Private Schools from Charging Summer Vacation Fee

Justice Waqar remarked that education is a noble profession, and it should not be run on commercial lines.

The court directed schools to double the sibling discount from 25 percent to 50 percent and asked the Provincial Schools Regulatory Authority (PSRA) to act against the non-complying schools.

The 23-page verdict directed the authority to heed up several issues including annual fees, promotions and to devise a policy on school uniforms and books.


Schools Barred from Charging Fees for Summer Vacation

“We will not allow the education sector to function as a commercialized and profitable business; we want to secure the future of the children,” Justice Waqar said, concluding his remarks on the case.