Punjab To Shutdown Private Unregistered Schools In Seven Days

Punjab government has issued a seven-day deadline to private schools for issuing new fee vouchers as per the directives of the Supreme Court.

The provincial education minister, Murad Raas, has ordered all private schools across the province to comply with the recalculated fee by District Register Authority’ (DRAs) in 2017.

He made this statement while addressing a press conference at the DGPR office on Thursday. Murad Raas warned that the ministry will cancel licenses of non-complying schools. The minister said that the government will seal these schools if they don’t comply.

We had previously implemented the Supreme Court’s orders viz-a-viz and so will do this time around as well.

The provincial minister also hinted at shutting down all the unregistered private schools.

“We have sent notices to all such schools with a limited timeframe to get them registered. All unregistered schools will be shut down as soon as the deadline ends,” he said.

The minister said that the parents can visit the District Education Authorities (DEAs) daily between 3 pm to 4 pm to get their problems heard.

He requested the parents to first refer to the online Complaint Management System (CMS) and only visit DEAs if it doesn’t get sorted online.