Xiaomi Launches Auto Towel Disinfectant & Dryer

Joining in on Xiaomi’s endless streak of unique products, comes the HL Towel Disinfectant and Dryer. It is a smart device used to disinfect and dry up towels and clothes alike.

It features a simplistic design with only a small LED display in the corner for controlling temperatures and other functions.

The machine provides the convenience of drying up towels and clothes indoors where sunshine is usually out of reach. It blows out hot air from a bottom vent and maintains it for a sufficient time to let the fabric dry off.

The temperature function stays quiet thanks to a DC brushless motor system that not only helps save energy but allows for massive air output as well. It can maintain constant temperatures, but if it ever gets too hot, it automatically cuts off power.

On the other hand, the disinfectant feature helps the towel stay clean and clear of bacteria. It uses a highly efficient UV sterilization function to prevent bacteria from growing on fabrics. If it detects a user within a 2.5m range, it automatically turns off this feature as a safety measure.

The HL Towel Disinfectant and Dryer is currently going for a crowdfunding price of $42. It is expected to go on sale in China on January 6.