Sindh Cabinet Approves Student Union Bill

Last month’s nationwide demonstrations of students’ solidarity march are beginning to bear fruit as Sindh cabinet has taken a step towards resorting student unions in the province.

The Sindh cabinet nodded in favor of student unions as it unanimously approved the Student Union Bill, 2019, on Monday.

About 35 years ago, General Zia ul Haq, the country’s military dictator at the time, banned student unions all over Pakistan. The proposed bill will restore the right of students to form unions in educational institutions in Sindh.

Under the Student Union Bill, 2019, students would not be allowed to halt the educational activities, incite violence, or indulge in vandalism at the campuses. Moreover, bringing any sort of weapon to the campuses will be strictly prohibited.

According to the proposed bill, Student unions shall be held responsible in case of indiscipline or if the educational environment is breached. Teachers will be tasked to appoint the heads of the student unions which will comprise of 7 to 11 members.

The bill will be presented in the Sindh Assembly after which the Standing Committee on Law will review and pass it.