Jazz TV Launches New Features for Its Customers

Jazz TV is bringing its customers a list of things to get excited about. It has launched new features and is constantly bringing improvements to the existing ones on its TV app to provide customers an enhanced experience.

As part of the upgrade, a loyalty program has been introduced to increase user engagement and reward loyal customers. Through this, users are able to redeem earned coins and get Mobile balance in return.

Furthermore, improvements are made in the platform’s user interface to make the experience more personalized and seamless. The additions include a Floating Player, a video player bar and status modes. The floating player enables users to stream video in the floatable mini screen while exploring other apps. The video player lets users rewind, record, and share live TV channels.

Going beyond TV channels, Jazz TV has also added Radio Channels so users can also listen to their favorite radio stations on Jazz TV.

Jazz’s Stream Head Digital Products Kashif Rehman said,

Jazz TV, as of today, has 4 million App downloads and is consistently trending in Pakistan’s Top 5 Entertainment Apps on Play Store. We have an edge over linear TV where consumers have no other option but to watch specific content at a particular time. Jazz TV has a different consumption mode, the availability of episodic content especially in drama serials is so powerful. This is where a linear TV cannot compete. We want to make Jazz TV the “go-to” infotainment app. At Jazz, we are always dedicated to catering to our customers’ needs in whatever way we can. The new diverse offerings on Jazz TV has got everyone’s interests covered.

To fulfill users’ entertainment needs on the go, Jazz TV was re-launched last year on both iOS and Android. From binge-watching favorite TV shows to streaming live sports, Jazz TV gives users a variety of entertainment options on its mobile application.