KP Govt to Establish Swat University of Engineering and Technology

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government is setting up an Engineering and Technology University in Swat at a cost of Rs. 4 billion.

According to initial details, Swat University of Engineering and Technology (SUET) will run on a triple helix model that would bring academics, the industry, and government on a single platform.

Hamid Naveed, Chief Planning Officer at KP’s higher education department, said that unlike other universities, SUET will have its own sustainable financial plan rather than depending on grants from the provincial government. SUET will also have a decentralized chain of management to resolve issues faster. KP government has appointed Hamid Naveed as the focal person for SUET.

Each year, around 15,000 students apply at the University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar. However, UET only accommodates 1,790 students while the rest of the students have to seek admissions elsewhere, said Hamid Naveed, justifying the establishment of SUET.

After its development, SUET will set up the following six departments:

  • Department of energy engineering,
  • Civil engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Computer system engineering
  • Institute of materials, mining, and metallurgy
  • Institute of manufacturing

According to Hamid Naveed, SUET’s institute of manufacturing will be a research and development department. The students at the institute will be able to provide solutions to challenges faced by local industries.

SUET will also undertake knowledge sharing programs with top universities of the US and UK. The move will not only help the students, but it will also enable SUET to consistently improve its quality.

Another goal of SUET is to nurture entrepreneurial skills in students so that the graduates turn into job providers rather than job seekers.

As per the sustainability plan of SUET, there will be three major governing bodies: academic wing, enterprise wing, and a think tank. The academic wing will deal with academic activities at SUET while the enterprise wing will be tasked with fundraising and exploring different business opportunities. SUET’s think thank will assist the government and private sector in evolving effective public policies.

Via: Dawn