Tesla Starts Converting Model 3 Vehicle Parts Into Ventilators

The global auto industry has started to help in the battle against the Coronavirus as in the past few weeks, multiple car companies have started manufacturing medical equipment, racing teams have joined hands to carry out research and produce ventilators.

Initially, Elon Musk had donated ventilators to the city of Los Angeles and now engineers from Tesla have showcased a prototype ventilator they are trying to create with the help of auto parts.

As per the video published on YouTube, the prototype has a touch screen, computer and control system that can be found on Tesla’s Model 3 electric car. An engineer in the video remarked that the company is utilizing the familiarity of components as they are reliable and available.

There is a global shortage of ventilators with countries around the world scrambling to deal with the virus and plug the gap in supply. The state of New York has the highest number of cases in the USA and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the biggest challenge for every manufacturer was the supply-chain disruption.

He said, “Their time frame frankly doesn’t work for our immediate apex” and added “Nobody can make you a ventilator right now in two weeks. You can’t make ventilators that fast because there are parts that have to come from other countries.”

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