Are You Game For This: Dew Gamers Arena Presents An Epic Celeb Match!

Mountain Dew is shaking up the scene again! They’ve got you covered for entertainment while you’re bored at home! Dew Gamers Arena, the action-packed esports tournament and the Biggest Gaming Event in Pakistan – is back and this time, your favorite celebs are playing against each other!

Our favourite celebrities are stirring the air with new energy and we are all up for it! We recently eyed a super suspenseful and interesting thread on social media. Hania posted a video telling how bored she is and has been missing her friends to play board games with.

Our curiosity heightened when Yasir Hussain, Urwa Hocane and Shahzad Sheikh replied to the post with this interesting conversation.

Mountain Dew does have its ways to get the word around. Iqra Aziz was also looking for an antidote for boredom in an Instagram upload on her social media. But it looks like she has gathered her friends for an action-packed gaming session already! Ushna Shah and Mikaal Zulfiqar have joined her gaming brigade. Looking at the fun they are already having, we can only imagine how amazing the match is going to be!

Seems like the teams are ready and our players are choosing their sides for what looks to be an exciting ride! Dew Gamers Arena is uniting them all under the PUBG Mobile banner. We can’t wait for the battles to begin!

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