Cambridge Revamps Grading System for O/A-Levels in Lieu of June Exams

In March, Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) had announced to cancel all examinations scheduled to be held in May and June this year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Following the cancelation, CAIE has announced to mark students for the May June exams based on a 4-step process that combines evidence provided by schools with the evidence at its disposal.

Under this process, schools will have to submit academic performance reports of the students and receive a grade for the May June exams accordingly. Schools can also register the students for which they have insufficient performance data to appear in the October November 2020 exams for the same fee.

The results for the May June exams will be announced before August 13 while the grades of the October November 2020 exams will be out within three months.

Students who wish to improve their grades obtained in the May June exams would be given a chance to reappear in the October November exams for a discounted fee.

Besides, CAIE has decided to include 15 additional subjects including Urdu in the October November exams.

According to the CAIE’s Country Director for Pakistan, Uzma Yousuf, the newly devised grading process is similar to the one in the UK and applies to all CAIE schools across the globe. Evidence-based grades will be accepted all over the world.

CAIE has tried to facilitate students in the smoothest possible way, added Uzma Yousuf.

Private Candidates

Unfortunately, the option for receiving evidence-based grades in May June exams is only available for registered schools, said CAIE’s Director for Pakistan.

Almost all private candidates attend tuition centers. It is very difficult to obtain evidence of their year-long performance. Therefore, all private candidates, despite accounting for 35% for the total CAIE’s enrollment in Pakistan, will have to appear in the October November exams.

Private students, however, will have the option to appear in the subjects of their choice, stated Uzma Yousuf.