Apple’s New MacBooks Will Be Cheaper Than Before

Even though Apple has a vast and powerful series of computing devices under its Mac lineup, the industry is dominated by Windows desktops and laptops. One of the main reasons behind this is the premium price range of Mac devices.

However, with the company’s recent decision to shift from Intel processors to ARM processors, this might change. Apple will be using its own chipset based on ARM processors for future Mac devices. This means that the pricing for Mac devices will go down a little, which will, in return, help boost the company’s market share.

Cupertino recently launched its iPhone 12 series and has scheduled a ‘One More Thing’ event later today (10th November). It is expected that the company will launch its highly anticipated MacBooks powered by Apple’s own Silicon.

These new devices are expected to offer better performance and more battery life compared to the existing Intel-powered laptops on top of lower prices. According to experts, the prices might go down by around $200. A famous Analyst Samik Chatterjee from Apple Insider recently said that Apple has a market opportunity of around $15 billion, which will assure a multi-year growth in a lackluster PC market.

However, more details will be revealed at the launch event.