YouTube Faces a Worldwide Outage Temporarily

Earlier today, the Google-owned video streaming service YouTube suffered from a seemingly worldwide outage that prevented videos from loading for roughly two hours. Around 5:30 AM, more than 280,000 users reported to the down detector that the service was down.

YouTube later confirmed this news via its Twitter account.

The issue affected users globally, however, initial reports started pouring in from the US and Nigeria. Apart from this, the outage also affected other services that use the YouTube infrastructure, including YouTube TV as well as movies and TV show purchases through Google TV.

Initially, the website was loading fine, but videos would continuously show the loading wheel. After a while, users started getting error messages while trying to play something on both the YouTube website and its mobile application.

According to The Verge, the service was back on by 7 AM. However, there were some instances when they received an error message on YouTube’s mobile application.

Almost two hours after announcing the outage officially, the company, via its Twitter account, announced that the service was back on, and they apologized for any inconvenience that was caused.

For those who don’t know, in case you are having an issue with a service, you can check for similar reports on DownDetector’s site.