vivo V20’s 44MP Eye Autofocus Keeps You Into Focus Always

Internet trends are an exciting thing. They appear seemingly out of nowhere, and before you realize it, they take the internet by the storm. Some trends, like vlogging and shooting selfies, are usually a result of creative minds looking for new challenges, and they are here to stay.

The emergence of new-age content creators:

What is extraordinary about vlogging in 2020 is convenience. All the tools required to become a vlogger come integrated into a smartphone. The continuous innovations in the smartphone industry have rendered it possible that we can now easily replace heavy video cameras with a light and sleek smartphone with pro-photography capabilities. Smartphones are now equipped with many innovative features to redefine selfie photography.

Vlog like a boss with vivo V20:

Global smartphone brand vivo has tailored its smartphones to empower a young and tech-savvy generation with the power to create and self-express. With every smartphone, vivo strives to elevate the user experience to a notch higher. vivo has thoroughly understood the challenges and requirements of new selfie generations and new-age content creators.

The new vivo V20 comes with a 44MP Eye Autofocus front camera. This feature not only gives you crystal clear portraits but also aids in capturing the frame details even when the camera is not steady. Hard to believe? This feature automatically drags the lens focus to the main subject in the frame no matter how shaky your hand is. The front camera with Autofocus (AF) capability is perfect for vlogging and selfies as it lets you to ‘be the focus always’ and makes you the spotlight of the frame.

The V20’s front comes with a myriad of photography and videography options and modes for all your creative needs:

  • Super night selfie: Ever heard of a night selfie that looks like a studio portrait? The feature provides multiple exposures and noise cancellation algorithms that can reveal more facial details to enhance the beauty of the picture. The Super Night Selfie feature also has Aura screen light that gives you the perfect color temperature and highlights your skin tones by automatically adjusting to the ambient lights.

Fig: Light up your night with the Super Night Selfie Feature

  • Dual-view video: This fun mode lets you capture videos from front and rear cameras at the same time, and you can view your videos in multiple modes like Picture in Picture & Dual view. It is a must-have feature for travel bloggers to do live streams and chats.
  • Slo-mo selfie video: Slo-mo and selfies are cool but ever heard of a combo? The supercool Slo-mo selfie video feature in V20 lets you make quirky slo-mo videos and hold the passing moment at fingertips. Try playing an air guitar solo and see how cool you look in slow motion!
  • Steadiface selfie video: Let your videos reflect your active lifestyle with this mode. Explore a new level of portrait stability and shake off all the blurriness with this mode.
  • 4K Selfie video: 4K Quality, in a selfie, sounds impossible? V20 has made it possible to record selfie videos with mind-blowing 4K Quality. It comes with a dazzling editing kit for more photo effects.
  • Multi-style portrait: Look like a Million Dollars with the Multi-Style Portrait feature now accustomed to personalized hues and face beauty.

Fig: Get Insta-worthy shots with the Multi-style portrait with 44MP AF front camera

Rediscover your creative roots: V20’s power-packed camera and technology is perfect for digital content creators and selfie lovers.

  • The 44MP Eye Autofocus feature lets you record super sharp selfie photos and videos even when the camera is not steady. A vlogger’s foremost priority is to maintain the focus in all the videos so that the audience can see the world through the Vlogger’s eyes. Similarly, the steadiface selfie video gives you unshakable frames.

Fig: ‘Be in focus’ with the super sharp Eye AutoFocus

  • The Super Night Selfie feature is optimal as a vlogger might also face situations when the lighting conditions are not feasible. The feature, thus, comes in handy.

Fig: Light up your night with the Super Night Selfie Feature

  • The features like slo-mo selfies and Dual View Mode lets you explore your creative fabric by providing a quirky way to shoot videos.

vivo V20 is a perfect fit for all the new-age content creators and selfie generation and comes with a promising lot of intensive camera set up. What are you waiting for? Grab this stellar device today, and let your creative juices flow. V20 is available for purchase at Rs 59,999.