Inspire Your Inner Photographer With Vivo V20 SE

Smartphones are much more than just a mere communication device today, we take them as a lifestyle element and are constantly looking at upgrading to devices that complement our style and personality. Taking photos with a phone is a key component of our lives now, and the trend has been on the rise ever since handsets began including advanced camera technology and powerful optic sensors.

Millennials or younger consumers love capturing their memories and experiences on a day to day basis, craft creative content out of it, and share it in real-time on social media. The camera capabilities of a device have thus become a massive selling point, as to how well the camera works is a question that most of us ask before purchasing a new smartphone?

Cameras in smartphones have progressed rapidly over the past years and vivo has been pushing boundaries ever since and delivering phones with better and better cameras. vivo V20 SE is the latest offering from the brand that caters to the needs of young, creative, and stylish users.

Coming with a 48MP AI Triple camera to woo photography enthusiasts, vivo V20 SE captures images with clarity. From rural scenes to city architecture, daylight to night scenarios, portraits, or geographic landscapes, you can now shoot with the V20 SE and encourage the photographer in you.

With the following specs, the phone’s rear camera is tailored to capture pictures with natural colors and balanced exposure and highlight every detail.

  • Super Night Mode: Now take night shots with a touch of sophistication without any elaborative DSLR camera set up. V20 SE’s Super Night Mode enhances the imaging effect in a night scene/low light environment. The main rear camera features a large f/1.8 aperture, assisted by an HDR+ Morpho algorithm.
  • Super Wide Angle: Adding a broader perspective to your photographs is not a problem anymore. The 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera offers 120 degrees of panoramic vantage, that let users enjoy a larger, wider world view.
  • Super Macro: This feature allows users to capture images at close range. Get closer to your subjects such as dew drops or flower petals – as close as 2.5cm.
  • Ultra-Stable Video: It is critical for dynamic content creators out there to reduce blurring caused by camera shake during recording. The Ultra Stable Video featured in the V20 SE crops the video through EIS to remove such issues even while you’re on the go.
  • Video Face Beauty: Another feature for active content creators, Video Face Beauty is incorporated to allow beauty effects to be added in real-time while recording videos, as to do away with editing post-shoot.
  • 4K Video: V20 SE allows you to capture special moments without any compromise in the quality of the video. The 4K Video mode provides clarity while creating video content in 4K resolution. In addition, the feature further comes with an editing tool kit.