Samsung Z Flip 3 Will Come With Mid-Range Specs And Lower Price [Rumors]

Samsung launched its first foldable phone almost two years ago. Since then, the company has claimed that it is working on reducing the costs to make the category available for a broader consumer group.

Reportedly, in its attempt to reduce Galaxy Z Flip 3’s cost, the company will equip it with a mid-range chipset and make it the most affordable foldable to date.

A smartphone’s model number that is assigned to it before launching reveals a lot about the variant. Recently, the Galaxy Club unveiled a model number, SM-F720F, intended to be assigned to a future Galaxy Z Flip model. The ‘F’ in the number signifies that the variant is meant for the international market, and the absence of the letter ‘B’ shows that the variant will not come with 5G connectivity.

This confirms that the new Z Flip phone will be positioned lower than its predecessors that came with Snapdragon 800 series chipsets. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip was priced at $1,449 when it launched, and the Z Fold2 was $1,999. Hence, the Z Flip 3 will most likely come with an $800 to $1000 price tag. Nevertheless, other smartphones in the same price range provide flagship-level specifications. We doubt consumers will be willing to trade that just for a clamshell folding phone.