Another TAIVOS Smart Photography Pioneer from TECNO as Camon 16 Pro

Technology has been rapidly advancing in the past few years. As smartphones are now a daily need, having the latest technology phone is essential. In this era of social media, the camera technology in a phone is also very important. For this TECNO Mobile Pakistan had brought forward the TAIVOS technology, an ultimate camera solution for its Camon series.

Camon series is TECNO’s Flagship series including Camon 12, Camon 15, and Camon 16 series. The latest successor from the series is TECNO Camon 16 Pro that is now available in both offline and online markets for only PKR 29,999. The phone is embedded with remarkable TAIVOS technology providing the users with exceptional photography. TAIVOS is the world’s exclusive trademark certification, TECNO AI Vision Optimization Solution to give users an unmatched photography experience.

TAIVOS uses a special signal processing technology that works with artificial intelligence algorithms. It provides 6 amazing photography features including 4K video shooting, Anti Shake Mode, 960fps Super Slow motion, AI Portrait beauty mode, AI Wide-angle mode, and Night Portrait mode.

Using Intelligent Photography and Videography, TAIVOS Technology provides the 4K video shooting function enabling you to record moments as clear as recorded from a professional camera. It enhances the image quality by many folds and is best for saving your precious life events.

Camon 16 Pro supports the AI wide-angle selfie dual camera automatically recognizes the faces of more than 3 people and intelligently switches to wide-angle photography. A great feature for your group selfies! The TAIVOS AI Beauty Mode helps detect dark skin data and hence will not let you all look just the same, but retain your natural skin color.

Another remarkable function of TAIVOS technology is the 960fps super slow-motion. The MTK platform G90T hardware itself can only output 240 frames of pictures but TAIVOS enhances it and realizes 960 frames of output. This helps you record clearer, smoother, and non-jerky slow-motion videos of your friends.

Through AI portrait segmentation and portrait protection, the Night Portraits helps capture a night scene in a more transparent, bright, and clear manner. The last feature of TAIVOS technology is the professional shooting anti-shake mode which makes Camon 16 Pro the steadiest camera. The videos will come out clear, non-blurry, and very much stable even while running, dancing, or driving!

Like all its predecessors, Camon 16 Pro shall take the market by a storm. No other brand than TECNO has yet provided such amazing camera features at affordable prices. TECNO Camon 16 Pro is expected to take the lead again to mark new standards for photography technology smartphones in Pakistan.