Harnessing and Humanizing Health: TechDrive with Aqsa & Imran Host Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram, Sehat Kahani

The newly launched TechDrive podcast is bringing you ecosystem stories, and delving into topics like Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Pakistan’s growing startup and investment ecosystem, and hearing from the people who are responsible for driving this in Pakistan.

In this episode of TechDrive with Aqsa & Imran, the hosts sit down with Pakistan’s top health-tech innovator – Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram, Co-Founder and CEO of Sehat Kahani.

Sehat Kahani’s contribution to the telemedicine and digital health landscape has dramatically altered the face of Pakistan’s telemedicine. During Pakistan’s battle against the Covid19 pandemic, Sehat Kahani partnered with the federal government and provided 65,000 consultations to patients through their mobile application.

The founders, Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram and Dr. Iffat Zafar, have the right mindset it takes to overcome the long odds of starting and maintaining a successful business while making great strides in the public health domain through the support of technology.

Dr. Sara Saeed shares, “Every country that has propelled in telemedicine or digital health, first developed a policy and a framework and that is when investors came in, and the sector grew. When you don’t have policies or guidelines, it becomes counterproductive, because a lot of players are coming into the market who do not ensure patient security, malpractice coverage, and quality in operations. Health is something, that if you trample with it, it can have grave consequences.”

Sehat Kahani announced their funding round (Pre-Series A) last month and plans on expanding this model to countries with similar health challenges and dynamics. However, a large focus for Sehat Kahani will now also move towards working with stakeholders to develop a guideline or framework for digital healthcare in Pakistan.

Co-hosts for the show, Imran Khan, Managing Director, RapidCompute, and Aqsa Tariq, Editor in Chief, C-Suite Exchange commented, “This conversation was about disruption in Pakistan’s healthcare system and Sehat Kahani’s contribution to it. It’s about a Pakistani female entrepreneur who knows what she wants and is pursuing it relentlessly. We delved deeper into what her tipping point was an entrepreneur, and what led the duo to take on the behemoth that is Pakistan’s healthcare system.”

Producer of the podcast, Salaina Haroon, MD RPG commented, “We’ve had an excellent response on the first episode of TechDrive, and in this month’s episode, we’re excited to bring you a conversation with Dr. Sara Saeed. It’s been a pleasure to witness Sehat Kahani’s journey in Pakistan’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem and the growth of telemedicine in Pakistan.”

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