Samsung Mocks iPhone Cameras [Video]

Samsung is back at it again. The Korean phone maker is mocking its rival Apple once again and flaunting how their phones have more features than Apple. This time, Samsung is picking on the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera and how it lacks the zoom capabilities the Galaxy S21 Ultra has.


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The company has released new ads in the US and these are also uploaded on Samsung’s YouTube channel. These ads compare the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s zoom capabilities with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, showing how the iPhone is unable to catch up.

For those unaware, the S21 Ultra comes with a 100x zoom lens through a periscope camera, while the iPhone is limited to a 12x magnification. The ad below puts it into perspective.


There is also another ad that shows a cheese sandwich and how the S21 Ultra is able to capture much more detail. In this one, the company is showing off the 108MP sensor of the phone and how it is able to show more detail.

The punchline of both these ads is “Your phone upgrade shouldn’t be a downgrade”.

Check out the ad below.