Sindh Govt Warns of Strict Action for Spreading Fake News About COVID-19

The government of Sindh issued a warning on Sunday regarding the dissemination of fake information about the COVID-19 vaccines, stating that strict action will be taken against all who continue to do so.

The provincial Minister for Information, Nasir Hussain, announced this when he appeared on a program on a local media channel. He stressed that any fake news and rumors perpetuated against the COVID-19 vaccines will not be condoned by the provincial government in any way.


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On a separate note, Sindh’s Minister for Information also discussed the demands of Karachi’s traders, suggesting that the provincial government will accept their conditions if Sindh’s COVID-positivity rate drops.

He stated that all the shops and related outlets will remain closed once a week (Sunday) and will be open for business on the other days of the week, including Friday.