Auto Industry Urges Govt to Revise EV Policy to Enable Exports

With the announcement of both the 2021-22 budget and the new auto policy drawing closer all industries, including the automotive ones, are making last-minute efforts to ensure benefits for their sectors before their fates are decided for the entire year.

Lately, several elements of the automotive industry have been trying to reach out to the government with various propositions about the upcoming auto policy.

In the most recent development, upon being contacted by a mainstream media outlet, the Director of the Mehran Group and the Former Chairperson of the Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM), Mashood Khan, stated that the government must revisit the current auto policy to enhance the growth prospects for Pakistan’s export market.


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Khan stated that the current policy allows for a lot of complacency on the part of automakers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), which impedes the industry’s potential to cater to the export market.

“The government should craft a new EV policy to boost technology and produce parts to export from Pakistan,” he added.

He explained that to fully take advantage of the global Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution the government should incentivize OEMs that would come up with a viable plan to export left-hand drive vehicles to countries that require such vehicles.

He added that Pakistan already has a perfect trade route with Europe in the form of the Gwadar port, which will serve as a competitive advantage for the country if it were to engage in the aforementioned commercial activity.


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Khan proposed that the government should form a dedicated international market research facility for a proper exploration of advanced development avenues to create a healthier, more organic growth dynamic in the market.

He suggested that the government should make an elaborate coaching program for auto part manufacturers to equip them with the tools needed to cater to the international markets.