Islamabad to Get a Special Market for Women Soon

The Ministry of Interior has decided to establish a special market for women in Islamabad for them to run their businesses and stalls.

The decision was made by the Minister for Interior, Sheikh Rashid, who recently met with a delegation of the Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IWCCI).


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Sheikh Rasheed spoke to the delegation and highlighted the importance of the creation of a concrete platform for women that could substantially boost Pakistan’s economy in the near term.

He also discussed numerous facilities for women regarding the establishment of a special market for them to conduct their businesses in Islamabad, for which the government has entertained several proposals in the current budget.

The minister said that the government intends to provide women resources for their businesses and to offer the IWCCI unfiltered access to the women’s channel of business in the capital. He added that separate desks will also be installed at the National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) and passport offices for women.


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The President of the IWCCI, Samina Fazeel, thanked Sheikh Rasheed for ensuring the welfare of women and commended the government for taking big steps to promote women’s empowerment in the field of business.

Published by
Ahsan Gardezi