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Pepsi Encourages to Beat the Odds with its Powerful New Marketing Campaign ‘Why Not Meri Jaan’

Getting stuck in a field you don’t want to be in. Compromising your passion. These are scenarios we often encounter all around us. For those of you who find yourselves at a junction between what you want for your life and what your life has offered you, this can be the most agonizing decision to make.

The latest Pepsi TVC captures a similar situation remarkably.

Check out the new refreshing TVC here:

Various professions in our society are not considered serious careers. These stereotypes often limit us from dreaming and force many people to let go of their passions and follow the norm. However, there are few who always strive to pursue their dreams. The ones who know that success follows passion. The ones who take pride in being different. Such pioneers are a living example of Why Not Meri Jaan!

Pepsi’s new slogan is quite literally the most refreshing thing on screens. It’s stimulating, admiring, and seems like a voice to what our youth, in particular, have always wanted to say. This ad film gives a friendly nudge to all those who have dared to pursue their dream.

Both the chefs in this film beautifully depict the two faces of our society. One reminds us of how our society keeps pre-conceived notions about professions. While the other character symbolizes change. What makes this advertisement quirky is the hard-hitting message it delivers in such a lighthearted way.  This film reaffirms that the best feeling is to be able to pursue your dreams because everyone’s extraordinary.

Pakistan is a country blessed with immense talent. Information Technology, Sports, Music, Fashion or the Arts, Pakistani’s have made their names globally. Moreover, Pakistan’s younger generation is also making waves in unconventional professions such as gaming, animations, entrepreneurship, etc. This film beautifully shuns the stereotypes surrounding the Culinary Arts, encouraging us to accept diverse career choices.

It’s very rare to see a major brand come up with a communication strategy that is thought-provoking and unconventional at the same time. Pepsi’s New TVC is a refreshing example of how big messages can be delivered in a lighthearted yet impactful manner.

For this world to become more inclusive we needed a mindset like, Why Not Meri Jan.

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