PUBG Mobile is Facing Server Issues for Its Pakistan Network

PUBG Mobile Pakistan is currently facing a local server network issue, according to the game’s official Facebook page.

“Current matches may not be finished successfully, and the network ping will become unstable”, noted the developers of the game in a statement. Thanking all players and supporters for their patience during a time when literally no one is patient, PUBG has stepped up efforts to fix the Pakistan server in as little time as possible.


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While this issue remains unresolved and local players are fuming over how long it’s taking the game developers to sort it out, this isn’t the first time that PUBG is facing connectivity and performance issues owing to network brownouts.

In the past couple of years, the PUBG Mobile scene in Pakistan has had a huge line of hacking allegations and was even disqualified from major events. The local gaming space still ended up getting its very own server after many requests from big-tag players in the country, however, this server has yet to adjust its connectivity parameters to avoid problems as mentioned above.