Murad Raas Reveals Price of Single Curriculum Textbooks for Public & Private Schools

Punjab Education Minister, Dr. Murad Raas, has said that the cost of all books under the Single National Curriculum (SNC) is not more than Rs. 1000.

During an interview with a private news channel on Wednesday, Dr. Raas said that since the start of the new academic year from 2 August, a uniform curriculum has been implemented across Punjab. While the curriculum taught in private schools costs thousands of rupees while the price of textbooks under SNC is only Rs. 800, he said.


Sindh Opposes Imran Khan’s Vision of Single National Curriculum

The provincial minister asserted that he wasn’t surprised to see the opposition parties rejecting the SNC as it would bring the publisher mafia to a standstill.

“Our government tried to get publishers on board and allowed them to submit their books and apply for NOC but none of them bothered to approach the government in this regard.”

Now that the SNC has been finalized, these publishers have started a campaign against the single national curriculum.


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He lamented that the previous governments could not do anything in the field of education but only created all kinds of mafias in Pakistan.

The Federal Ministry of Education has finalized a uniform syllabus for all public and private schools, and religious seminaries in over two years, which is now being implemented across Punjab at the primary level. The government wants to introduce a uniform curriculum for up to class 12 by the end of 2022.