PIA Plane Makes Emergency Landing At Bulgaria Airport

An international flight of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) made an emergency landing at a Bulgarian airport after a woman suffered a heart attack during the flight.

The plane was en route from Paris to Islamabad on Sunday when the passenger complained of severe chest pain and fell conscious.

Seeing the passenger’s critical condition, the pilot requested an emergency landing at Bulgaria’s Sofia International Airport, which was granted.

As soon as the plane landed, the woman was rushed to a hospital, where she received the required medical treatment. Later, the doctors apprised that she was out of danger.

A PIA spokesperson said that due to the emergency landing, the flight got delayed by over three hours and reached Islamabad International Airport at 2:30 am.

In a separate incident, a flight of Turkish Airlines made an emergency landing at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport last week after being hit by a bird.

The bird strike took place minutes after the flight took off from the Lahore airport. The pilot decided not to jeopardize the lives of over 350 passengers on board and requested an emergency landing back at the airport, which was approved by the authorities.