All Vehicles on Motorways Should Have an M-Tag by December 7th: Lahore High Court

Inspector General of National Highways and Motorways Police Inam Ghani has given special instructions to the officers to implement the court order regarding M-tag in all cases. The engines of the vehicles should be mechanically fit and maintained in a timely manner.

On Friday, the Lahore High court ruled that all vehicles traveling on the motorways must be M-tagged by December 7th to prevent any inconvenience, particularly during smog. The ruling also applies to other motorways converging on the M-2 Ravi Toll Plaza.

On the instructions of Inspector General Inam Ghani, an awareness campaign has also been launched in this regard where the Motorway Police is raising awareness among the commuters through effective briefings at Toll plazas, NHMP social media, and on NHMP FM-95 radio.

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